Fallen Kingdom

Yay! So for anyone who was here between the 4th and 10th for read an e-book week, it went really well. We sold 250+ copies altogether. Thanks to anyone who bought it! I hope you enjoy reading and let me know what you think!

Now on to new news… Fallen Kingdom (which is the second book in the Fallen Trilogy, after Fallen Prince) is all finished up and well into the editing process. Pretty much there are just little blanks or re-checking names and titles and so on to fix up. For anyone who writes, you’ll probably know how crazy it can be to keep in mind all those side character names. Anyways, that’s what I always have to go back and fix. But no matter what, Fallen Kingdom will definitely be ready for its scheduled release on 4.11.12, and in honor of that I’m putting up the first four chapters for free to read. Click the play button below to access them.

[doc title=”109850.docx” txtbear=109850 auth=szMggGs1]

For more about Fallen Kingdom, check out the “coming soon” link up top. Or check out this video…

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