At five years old, Tess was walking down a gravel path and saw that one of the rocks had been kicked away into the grass, all alone. She was instantly upset, cradled the poor rock in her hands and returned it to it’s family of fellow rocks. She told me a story then, of how the rock had come to be all alone, complete with romance, intrigue, and betrayal. She was never without a book. And had read the complete Lord of the Rings Trilogy four times before the age of thirteen.
It is with this kind of imagination, passion, and love for stories, that Tess now writes her young adult fantasy novels. She began writing her first novel, Ember, at age sixteen and hasn’t stopped since. She is currently working on her seventh book, having just finished the “Fallen Trilogy”
She lives in Burlington, North Carolina. Loves to eat Cinnamon rolls, and drive her electric blue Kawasaki Ninja.

Here’s what people are saying about Tess…

“Tess Williams is up-and-coming. Her stories have life. She connects directly to your heart. I’m a fan.” -Chance, ELON University Systems Director

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