Evelyn is one girl amidst hundreds of sword wielding, demon fighting, magic casting… boys.


Insecurity and logic have always kept the wild, adventurous spirit of seventeen year old Evelyn Avest stuck in her home town of Tiver. Now, with the Order, an all male fighting league, she finally feels like she’s found her place. If she wants to stay she’ll have to prove her worth as a magic Artisan. The problem is, the only one who can teach her to do that is one particularly infuriating, exasperating, cocky, self absorbed, gorgeous, powerful, hot, well… Jerk. A war is coming, and in the end, the girl who should not be there… will become the only answer.

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  1. SOOO sad 2nd book not out yet 🙁 great book and was really hopeing 2nd book was out sadly not yet. But for those who enjoy to read good books I had to find a book to read and came accross Through The Portal by Justin Dennis amazing books 1st and the 2nd where. But done with both and still waiting for the 2nd book here.