Cold. Dry. Dead.

That’s all I can think, the only thought I can hold.

I’m dead. This is right… that’s what I said I’d do…


Evelyn Avest, the girl who didn’t belong, was the only hope for the people and the world she loved. So she gave everything. But no light can survive the dark world of Fera.Now it’s Ikovos and Jaden who venture where they shouldn’t. But will the boys who don’t belong be Fera’s only hope, or it’s destruction.

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  1. This book was sooo AMAZING icant even describe it. I was quite litteraly sitting on my floor bawling as I read the ending and realized what was going on then. When is the next book comin out, please please please please please tell me it’s going to be soon?!?!?? You know thoes books that after you finish you I around in a daze of a few days just replaying it in your head and unable to think of anything else, yeah that going to happen for weeks with this one. Particularly with the ending and I just have to know that not only do they find him but that things still work out between him and Eve, I would be so utterly heartbroken if anything else happened. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me the next one is going to come out soon, u don’t think I can handle waiting!

  2. Just now I couldn’t even watch the video above because at the line “he couldn’t let that happen” which is about 5 seconds in, I was crying again.

  3. i fell for this book. HARD. this isn’t or of those books where you can tell what’s gonna happen next because it has a common plot. this book made everything as emotional confusing compelling and thrilling as it would have been in real life . when the characters were happy or sad smiling or crying i was doing the same thing. the ending was ……. wow i was reading almost every line twice making sure i got even the smallest of detail engraved into my memory so i could completely understand the moment through all my tears. this book, these two books have been amazing and I’m just dying to know when the next book is coming out do you have any idea when?