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This post is difficult to write. Dear fans of Tess Williams, on May 2nd Tess was traveling in India with her husband and was killed in a Taxi accident. This is not a joke or false. We are asking for your prayers for her husband and family during this difficult time. There is a memorial fund that...
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Here’s what people are saying about  author Tess’s books…


“This book is AWESOME! Being an avid reader, I have probably read 50 books in the past month and by far this book is one of my favorites. it combines action, fantacy with a splash of romance. It’s a perfect combonation for anyone who (Like myself) enjoyed the Hunger Games and of course Harry Potter. I am going to reccomend this to every single one of my friends who is looking for a great book. Word of advise: savor every ounce of this book. Enjoy” – Amazon Reader Jill

Fallen Prince

“This ended up being a great book! Interesting character development. Can’t wait to read the next one!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the two main characters!” – Amazon Reader Cynthia Frayman

Fallen Warrior

Wow! What an absolutely beautiful and enchanting love story. I fell in love with the world-building from the very first book and the gradual love story that was the crux, in my opinion, of the story throughout all 3 books. I loved to see the growth of the characters, especially Cyric. Few stories get me so entwined with the lives of the characters and their world these days but this trilogy did just that. The ending brought me to tears…but happy tears. The kind of tears that Austin novels or novels such as Jane Eyre and North and South gave me when I finished reading them.
I really do believe that Tess Williams is a gifted author. The journey and emotions her main characters go through, the beauty of the supporting characters, the understanding of what the true meaning of love is, and the world-building that can transport you there each and every time you open up a page of the story are what amazing stories are made of. I cannot wait to read more novels by Tess (Young Adult Books)  and I cannot wait to reread this series as well. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tale with us, Tess.
I highly recommend this novel and entire series!Amazon Reader LostInBlue

Here’s what people are saying about Young Adult Books author Tess Williams…

“I can honestly say that there hasn’t been 1 book written by this author that I haven’t enjoyed! She writes book series where I find that I don’t want the story to ever end.” – Amazon Reader Kat

“Tess Williams is up-and-coming. Her stories have life. She connects directly to your heart. I’m a fan. I am so glad I found Young Adult Books” -Chance, ELON University Systems Director

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